Diffraction limited image quality

Our optical system allows for obtaining high-quality images, with no visible chromatic aberrations or distortion. The spot size (resolution) is limited only by a diffraction of light.

Narrow FOV

Our lens will provide a 30X optical magnification, which is an equivalent of a 1.2º horizontal field of view. With such FOV it’s possible to obtain images of a moon or sun on the 1/3 of the smartphone sensor. It also gives a possibility of taking great pictures of wildlife with a smartphone.

Bright F/5 lens

Fast lens system allows for gathering more light in a given amount of time. Having such lens is essential for taking astrophotography pictures, as it helps to maintain lower noise. It also allows to decrease exposure times which is essential in wildlife photography.

Rigid mechanical design

With the rigid mechanical design based on our experience in designing military optical equipment, our lens can survive daily shocks and vibrations that might occur during everyday usage and transportation.

Small size and weight

Besides providing high-quality image and durability, we have also tried to make our optical system as small and as lightweight as possible.

Modular mount structure

Our telephoto adapter is easy to attach to a smartphone without annoying positioning. It can be mounted on the standard tripod or star tracker stand thanks to its interchangeable mounting plate.

Launching in 2018 through a crowdfunding campaign

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Update on the Work Progress

We haven’t been writing for a long time, but a lot has happened and we are getting really close to building the prototype of our telescope. The Optical Elements We have ordered prototyping of parabolic mirrors and lenses.  The mirrors were made in China, by a company suggested by Szymon. He had ordered other elements […]

Busy day at Magnifico.tech

Morning at Google Campus Warsaw A lot has happened today at Magnifico.tech. In the morning I visited Google Campus Warsaw to participate in the event called “Campus Meetup: New Members”. To get there, I took a local train to Praga district. After arriving at Warsaw East railway station I walked for about 15 minutes to […]

Magnifico’s Optical System

Introduction At the Magnifico, we want to provide a new tool for people passionate about astrophotography. An optical system which allows for taking high-quality images of the night sky with an application of a smartphone. The lens will be also a great add-on for smartphone owners interested in wildlife photography. To revolutionize the market and […]

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