Busy day at Magnifico.tech

Morning at Google Campus Warsaw

A lot has happened today at Magnifico.tech. In the morning I visited Google Campus Warsaw to participate in the event called “Campus Meetup: New Members”. To get there, I took a local train to Praga district. After arriving at Warsaw East railway station I walked for about 15 minutes to get to the Campus Warsaw.

My visit took place on the opening day of the new Campus Building. The building interior looks great, there is a lot of natural light in the main corridor. The conference room is also awesome. There are many screens which allow for much easier observation of slides during the presentations. There is also a nice coffee.

Interior of Google Campus Warsaw (new building)

At the beginning, there was a nice breakfast for the visitors. After everyone was ready, the presentation started. We were given basic information about the Campus. We learned about its programs and activities. The final part was dedicated to networking between the participants.

Negotiations with a lens making company

In the afternoon I traveled with Kamil to negotiate making of some lenses, which are required for building our prototype. Fortunately, everything went smooth. The company confirmed, that they will be able to make all needed optical elements. We only have to provide the required glass types. Additionally, the negotiated price was highly satisfying, hence we will soon proceed with our order.

Buying Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer

After the negotiations, we headed to the Warsaw’s city center. We had scheduled a meeting with other members of our team there (Szymon and Lukasz). On our way, we picked a tracking mount Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer from the store. It was quite unexpected, as I placed my order on yesterday’s evening and expected that the mount will be available on Wednesday.

We have decided to buy this tracking mount to proceed further with the project and increase our experience in astrophotography. This way we will be allowed to use my 300mm lens, and test our own optical system later.

Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer

The meeting

At the meeting, we discussed further steps in the development of our prototype. We also talked about possibilities for marketing our idea. We were also thinking about how to get more feedback from possible clients.


Author: Slawomir Tomczewski