Update on the Work Progress

We haven’t been writing for a long time, but a lot has happened and we are getting really close to building the prototype of our telescope.

The Optical Elements

We have ordered prototyping of parabolic mirrors and lenses.  The mirrors were made in China, by a company suggested by Szymon. He had ordered other elements from them in the past, and He was highly satisfied with the quality of delivered elements.We ordered five sets of mirrors (ten elements), as the lower quantities caused huge drop in cost-effectiveness. We also wanted to be prepared for any damages that may occur during prototype assembly process.

The lenses were made in Poland, by an awesome and very kind man, who was suggested to us by one of our friends from the University. The price was lower than the one quoted by the Chinese companies. There were only two drawbacks, the first was that we had to organize the centering of the lenses, as the centering device was not operational at the manufacturing place. The second drawback was that we had to find someone that covered the lenses with anti-reflective coatings.

Set of optical elements required for building Magnifico’s Telescope

The Mechanical Design

Our works on the mechanical design focussed at two main goals. The first one was to make the final changes to the telescope design before ordering of the prototyping of the mechanical parts. The second goal was to ensure easy and repeatable mounting of the telescope on the back of the smartphone. To make this task easy we decided to order a set of iPhone enclosures, and find a way to make some modification, that would allow as to reach the mentioned goal.

Magnifico.tech – Render1
Magnifico.tech – Render2
Magnifico.tech – Render3

Next steps

Now we are planning to place an order for manufacturing of the mechanical elements. After the parts delivery, we are going to start an assembly process and testing. We are hoping to finish the prototype before the October. Then we will start preparations for the crowdfunding campaign.

Author: Slawomir Tomczewski